Sheyenne Lutheran Church
10651 - 23rd St NE - PO Box 396 - Pekin ND 58361
Church Council Members

President:  David Aaser   Sec/Treas:  Nancy Gjovik
Deacons:  Doug Messner, Larry Hoyt, David Aaser
Trustees:  Michael Hanson, Jerry Sand, Mary Ann Ensrud
Morning Star Parish Representatives: Mary Ann & Larry
The Council meets the third Wednesday, quarterly  in
January, April, July and October
Board of Education: Deb Hensrud
Red Willow Camp Ambassadors:  Rick & Dianne Urvand
Carrington Assembly Delegates:  Willard Olson & Myke Hanson
END Synod Convention Delegates: Lloyd & Nancy Gjovik
END Synod Convention Alternate: Betty Ann Bina
Christmas Committee:  Clark & Liz Molter
Auditors:  Arlene Morken & Mary Ann Ensrud

2017 Ushers & Janitors
Please note that Ushers will also serve as Janitors

February/March - David & Bonnie Aaser
April/May - Greg & Karla Messner
June/July - Lanny Klefstad & Larry Hoyt
August/September - Myke Hanson & Lloyd Gjovik
October/November - Rick & Dianne Urvand
December/January '18 - Doug Messner & Brad Messner

FEBRUARY - 5th Mary Ann Ensrud, 12th Tammy Klefstad, 19th Lloyd Gjovik

APRIL - 9th Willard Olson,  16th Jessica Klefstad, 23rd Greg Messner,
30th Nancy Gjovik

JUNE - 4th Joan Bakke, 11th Larry Hoyt, 18th John Kelly, 25th Bonnie Aaser

AUGUSt-6th Willard Olson, 13th Darlene Kelly, 20th Marilyn Stein, 27th Myke Hanson

OCTOBER - 1st Dianne Urvand, 8th Mary Ann Ensrud, 15th Nancy Gjovik,
22nd Deb Hensrud

DECEMBER - 3rd Carol Sand, 10th Marcia Hoyt, 17th Arlene Morken,
24th Karla Messner

2017 WELCA Meeting Dates

WELCA President: Betty Ann Bina
Vice President: Carol Sand
Secretary: Arlene Morken
Treasurer: Alice Rude

The WELCA will meet four times
during 2017
January 5, 2017 - 2:00pm - Arlene Morken, Hostess
April 6, 2017 - 2:00pm - Carol Sand, Hostess
July 6, 2017 - 2:00pm - Joan Bakke, Hostess
November 2, 2017 - 2:00pm - Dianne Urvand, Hostess
The Church Christmas Program and Potluck will be in December - date
will be announced later.
Christmas Program - click on photos to enlarge
Beautiful photo of Sheyenne Church taken the day of Stuart Klefstad's funeral,
by a highway patrolman in attendance.