MSP Red Willow Bible Camp
Matthew Cabin Project
Last year the Morning Star Parish agreed to adopt the Matthew Cabin at Red Willow
Bible Camp, along with another parish from North Dakota, however, this combined effort
did not occur.  This year the MSP has decided to adopt the Matthew Cabin anyway.
(Should another party also be interested in this project, we would surely welcome them!)  
Our objective for this project is to make repairs to the cabin so it will be again useful.  We
will  be providing financial assistance and/or time and labor.  Everyone's input is needed
for this very worthy cause!

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"Before" Photos of the Matthew Cabin at Red Willow Bible Camp
These shoes were made for walkin'!  And they did!
On May 9, 2011 Pastor Russ and Cheryl made the 18 mile trek from the
parsonage in Tolna to Red Willow Bible Camp, to raise money for the
Matthew Cabin remodeling project.   
They left Tolna at 8:45 am and made it to the Retreat Center at the Bible
Camp at 3:45 pm. They had their pickup parked
by the Bergen cemetery, on the highway south of Tolna, and stopped there
for a 10 minute break.  After arriving at the Bible Camp, they took
time to sit at a picnic table at Red Willow Resort. That really felt good!
Total walking time was about 5 1/2 hours at 3.21 mph!  
Stacey Luehring came from Tolna to give them a
ride back to the pickup.  Betty Ann Bina and Carol Sand walked/drove 6 miles
with Pastor Russ and Cheryl in the morning.  One of them would walk while
the other drove the pickup ahead and waited for them.
It was a good day and over $4000 was raised for the Matthew Cabin
remodeling project!!  
Thank You very much to everyone who contributed to the walk!
Below are photos from the day!
Work has started on the Matthew Cabin roof!  On August 15, 2011,
Ed Poehls, Randy Eikom, Clayton Quam, David Rude, Don Hoveskeland,
Tony Eikom, Don Tennancour and Pastor Russ started tearing off the old
shingles and replaced them with metal.
Photos by Pastor Russ
The Matthew Cabin at Red Willow Bible Camp is still a work in progress, but much has
been done!  The MSP continues to support our project with monetary funding each year.
and siding on the Matthew Cabin and it looks GREAT!  Thank you
to the MSP carpenters who volunteered their time and effort for this
wonderful project to be completed!