American Lutheran Church
218 Main St N - PO Box 37 - Tolna ND  58380
American Lutheran Church Council Members

President...Eddie Poehls
Vice President...Keith Forde
Secretary...Melissa Gillett
Treasurer...Gayle Klefstad
Breun Flaagan, Alan Klefstad, & Darlene Forde

MSP Representatives:  Alan Klefstad & Darlene Forde
2017 Ushers

January - Kalyn & Stacy Luehring
February - Brian & Stacy Luehring
March - Bret & Ed Poehls Families
April - Curt & Janet Herman
May - Fred & Brandon Lundeby families
June - Dale Haas & David Risinger
July - Keith & Darlene Forde
August - Merle & Michelle Forde
September - Russ & Beryl Baker
October - Mike & Tami Stein Family
November - Ken & Debbie Quam
December - Mike & Renae Luehring

Ushers please contact the ushers for the next
month when your month is done.  Thanks!
2017 Readers
January -
15th-Stacy Luehring   22nd-Kalyn Luehring
February - 12th-Brian Luehring  19th-Jennifer Huso  26th-Nick Gronaas
March - 12th-Bret Poehls  19th-Eddie Poehlos  26th-Trey Jorde
April - 9th-Janet Herman  16th-Curt Herman  23rd-Phoebe Johnson  
May - 7th-Fred Lundeby  14th-Cheryl Donohue  21st-Melissa Gillett
June - 4th-David Risinger  11th-Michael Luehring  18th-Lisa Jorde
July - 2nd-Ruth Coenen  9th-Darlene Forde  16th-Peggy Hoyt
August - 6th-Merle Forde  13th-Martha Stubson  27th-Michelle Forde
September - 3rd-Paige Haakenson  10th-Bev Engen  24th-Linda Quam
October - 1st-Tami Stein  8th-Steve Forde  22nd-Cade Stein
November - 5th-Debbie Quam  19th-Ken Quam  26th-Alan Klefstad
December - 3rd-Melissa Lee  18th-Michael Luehring  24th-Bernice Heck
      2017 Altar Care
January - Ruth Coenen/Stacy Luehring
February - Stacy Luehring/Jennifer Huso
March - Jennifer Huso/Janet Herman
April - Janet Herman/Leah Lundeby
May - Leah Lundeby/Cheryl Donohue
June - Cheryl Donohue/Darlene Forde
July - Darlene Forde/Michelle Forde
August - Michelle Forde/Beryl Baker
September - Beryl Baker/Tami Stein
October - Tami Stein/Debbie Quam
November - Debbie Quam/Bernice Heck
December - Bernice Heck/Renae Luehring

Memorial Committee

Peggy Hoyt, Diane Poehls, Leah Lundeby,
Phyllis Jorde,Bonnie Gillett and Gayle Klefstad

Worship Committee

Bernice Heck, Peggy Hoyt,
Linda Luehring, and Linda Quam

WELCA President:  Phoebe Johnson
Congratulations 2013 Confirmants!
Jordan Jorde and Emma Poehls
American Lutheran Church
Council Meetings: